Friday, March 16, 2012

New Website

If you ask any independent author how they spend their day, and you'll get one hell of an answer.

Here's basically how it went today.

I spent like four or more hours working on the new website I set up. Yes, is now a reality. I changed themes like ten times trying to find one that looked good. Plus, had all the widgets in the places I wanted them to be. I needed it to be black or real dark as I'm trying to instill the mystery writer theme. 

What I really wanted was to be able to change the header picture. 

One theme allowed me to do that, but it kept the post concealed in a tiny box that you had to click to open. I had to email my web hosting site, again, to fix my site as I completely screwed up messing with the code.

I realized much later it had more to do with the theme I chose. Okay, so some of them had junk on the top that I can't even edit. How dumb is that?

So the knife is the only thing I could find for the moment that fits. 

What should you expect from my website? Who the hay knows, but I guess we can find out together.

One thing I want to do is feature different interesting pictures from my hometown of Saginaw, MI. Historical if I can. Why you ask? Because for the most part Saginaw has been hit pretty bad in this thing the politicians don't call a "recession." And I want to show people that there is something great about this city of Saginaw. It has history that even I wasn't totally aware of.

Oops, so off the subject again.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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