Friday, February 25, 2011

Ripped from the headlines Mid-Michigan

I'm allowed to read the local news online at work in increments of ten minutes, but only thirty minutes allowed per shift, and this is what I have learned.

Two teenagers were taken into custody at a local high school. Can anyone say girl fight? Why exactly were they taken into custody if they don't plan on pressing charges. If we were talking about adults, there would be charges filed. This is the same high school that had all the kids in the district sent home because of threats made on Facebook, and resulted in them using metal detectors.

Chucky E Cheese is now having a deputy added, in addition, to their security. This is Chuck E Cheese we're talking about. Shots have been fired outside in the parking lot last year. What kind of shit is that? I know for a fact there are older kids causing all the problems. Maybe they should require parental supervision as they do in some malls. Can't kids go there to have fun anymore. They serve beer there. SInce when?

Man is sentenced to breaking and entering and stealing panties. He is sentenced to a year in jail for stealing panties?? In my opinion, it's most likely for his scuffle with the police when they found him without pants on, (with the stolen panties). Personally I think he should be forced to wear the stolen panties in jail, that is what I'd call justice.

Wife told husband she lost keys, most likely in a dumpster. Man crawls inside a dumpster, to look for said keys, and realizes he can't crawl out (it's a commercial dumpster). He calls the fire department to rescue him?? WTF! She probably made up the story to see if he'd be stupid enough to crawl inside the dumpster, that's what I'd do. As if the fire department has time for that what with budget cuts and layoffs. I hope he had to pay them.

There you go folks, you can't make this stuff up.

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