Monday, February 7, 2011

Obsession of the dead

Hameed strolled through the stone pathway, rounding every twist and turn with ease, and without worry.

Makito's streets are still made of stone, one of the reasons it still exists today. High walls surround the pathway, and a metal grate covers the top. 

Glancing up Hameed saw the full moon overhead, steaming light down to him. Faces begin to block out the light, and already he hears their cries. He knew there was no way they could get inside because the grate is checked carefully every morning. 

Makito made plans well in the future, before the virus spread here. Hameed himself helped to make careful plans, but when his friend Felicity became sick, things took a strange turn. He didn't feel repulsion. Pure lust consumed him, and he visited her every night to satisfy his sick cravings, and believe me (there were many). 

Their growing love blossomed, and he felt alive, more alive than he had in years. She never tried to bite him, and her moist lip's and tongue pleasured him in ways he had never dreamed possible before.

Her father became enraged when he discovered their sick union, and while Hameed left the security of the gated community of Makito - her father waited with a pack of zombies. Not like the others, they were bent of destroying what happiness any zombie found, and poor Felicity's face became unglued (Hameed had worked so hard to restore her) and her skull began to be exposed.

Hameed had been beside himself with sorrow to see his beloved so disfigured that he sought out a surgeon to restore her, but when her eye ball popped out, it became pointless really. The last time he saw her sad face, she was walking towards Cliff's Bluff. 

Being chased by the zombies became a nightly ritual for him now as a door opened inside of him that couldn't be so easily closed. He searched every night for a fresh zombie. One who wouldn't bite, one who liked his sick obsession. He was cast out of  Makito (as you could well imagine), but he knew the way in, and he hid on the pathway every night. 

There's a price on Hameed's head, and as you can well imagine, that means more to zombie than anything. Forget about the money, they'd eat his brains for free.


Marta Moran Bishop said...

Love it Madison. Very very creepy but I do want to know where the story goes. Sometimes Creepy is a really good thing. Especially when done really well like this is.

Madison Johns said...

Thank you Marta. It's always nice to have a new follower. In truth this story was never meant to go further, but I can see where it could.

Marta Moran Bishop said...

Did a story with my brother on if you put a chia rug on a grave the water (rain) and light (sun) will raise the dead and they will become zombies. Strange minds but I love it.

Madison Johns said...

I wonder where some of the things I write come from. I do cling to the dark side.

Nick Rose said...

Yes you do. lol. I like this one hon, it is very entertaining.