Monday, June 13, 2011

BBQ Pork

I hate to wait, but since that is the role I need to play, I have devised a distraction of sorts for the day, other than writing.

Learn to cook or try a new recipe. One of the nurse's at work gave me a yummy recipe I tried. It was so yummy! This was not a standard recipe, I just threw it together.

                          BBQ pork  
I took four pork tenderloins and pan fried them with olive oil seasoned with pepper, garlic salt (mine had a combination of garlic and parsley), and Lawerys seasoned salt.

In another pan I sauteed a sliced yellow pepper and vidalia onion and added it to Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. I like my onions and peppers cooked a bit more than most. 

I then added the sauce with peppers and onions on top of the pork and cooked it until the pork is throughly cooked and the sauce is caramelized.

It turned out great and as you can see it's real easy. I like simple meals, and I like to make things that are easy to make. Between work, my children and writing, I hardly have time to cook, but on occasion I try to.

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