Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spiritual Awakening

I have reached a spiritual awakening, and it has lured me into thinking differently. I already have a high level of intuition guiding me to seek more. There is a higher power, but what I seek is inner peace.

Things without question, are connected, and nothing is accidental. Focusing on creating inner peace is more 
important than you think. If you are at peace with yourself, things will become so in your life.

Like putting 
chain links together, you see how each link is essential to the completion of the chain. So as in life, everything is essential, even the missteps and mistakes.

Imagine your own idyllic 
paradise in the forest. Focus on the trees. How tall are they? Is the sun out or do you stand in the slowly fading sunlight? Imagine in your mind, you are there.

paradise consists of towering oak trees, the leaves nearly blocking out the sunlight, as a waterfall descends from the cliff far above, falling into the pool below. I long to wade in, feeling the cool water as a hawk perches on a rock watching with fascination.

I feel at 
peace already, and I feel ready to start this new chapter in my life.


Stephen said...

Strong intuition is a gift and to exercise it is awesome! In my experience at least, not all spirits bring inner peace. Some of them only take.

Madison Johns said...

I had dinner Friday night and I knew they would be out of something I wanted. Why did it have to the fudge cream puff pie?