Thursday, August 26, 2010

Darkness descends across the dry, barren land that once flourished.
Daylight is lost, as the mighty winds come and take what remains of your shattered life.

Feeling lost to all you have known becomes normal to you now; as we 
look all the same now.

God has forsaken us and enacted his revenge onto the earth once more.

True wrath of god events unfold without warning--as the dust takes all your hope, and spirit with it.

Have we done something to deserve this act or has our ancestors betrayed us long ago?

Selling our future so they could flourish in theirs.
Still you have faith because it is all you have left.

Is that the truth, or will things happen as they 
were meant to all along?

Higher powers are there because we must think of something more powerful than ourselves.

Still, it is only by our 
hand that change can happen.Faith cannot restore your limbs again without you moving them.

Take cover and wait until this storm has passed, only then will we 
learn and rebuild.

Faith cannot do this, we, 
mankind will do it, and only by reuniting together can this be accomplished.

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