Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've paid my dues

Maybe, after all this time I finally paid my dues. Everything I have done, has been wiped away, and I'm starting with a clean slate.

Things are coming into 
place as if they fit the whole time. Perfectly in order, despite all the setbacks and bad decisions.

If life were only that simple, and all we needed to do was 
follow a map to our correct destination. "I don't know where the hell I'm going, but let us find out when we get there."

How did I 
get here you ask? I will tell you it wasn't because I whined and bitched the whole time. Sure I have done that, but it didn't get me here. I went out and made strides improving myself. I went out and looked for a better job and found one. I made improvements that were positive.

was told once to keep a job I was miserable in because it paid a decent wage, maybe good, but not great. I went against what I was told and took a four week CNA course, took the state test, and found a job. It was part-time and turned into full-time before a year.

When after three years, I 
wasn't satisfied, I found another job. Knowing I have the skills, it was an easy task. I have put my two weeks notice in at my job of three years and have already received a full-time job at the new one.

I now have the opportunity to focus on writing more. I also will have more time to spend with my kids, and maybe just maybe, I won't have to live like a zombie anymore. Although I love the 
company the food stinks.

Smiles :) Madison

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